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 Albrecht AE8000 - 400 kanala

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PostajNaslov: Albrecht AE8000 - 400 kanala   4/12/2013, 02:44

AE 8000 Jumpers and Version Settings
For Export or use by authorized radio amateurs the national AE 8000 versions can be converted to 400 CH in 10 bands which then cover the frequency range 25.165 MHz to 29.655 MHz according to our frequency list.
Because the units are factory pre-aligned for the national CB ranges only, we cannot confirm full function to all of the frequency ranges. PLL section LT17 and/or TX filters LT18/19 may need realignment to the desired frequency range.

Restoring AM function in CEPT model (converting to 40/40 CH).
The AM-FM button and the AM display Icon are blocked in this version.
AM/FM button enable: close CON 6b
AM display enable: close CON 7
Channel extension:
open CON 1
Ch 9 button function change close CON 2

Each time when CH9 is kept pressed during switching power on, CH 9 function will be changed to Band Switch function. Pressing this button will then switch the bands from A to J . (this will be displayed instead of 09) After the radio has been switched off again, the original function of CH 9 switch is automatically restored again and the radio works again on 40 channels.
All these jumpers are clearly marked on the component side of the front panel PCB. For modification the housing cover must be opened (caution: there are speaker wires between main board and cover).
CON 1 and 2 are above the filter potentiometer, Con 6b (3 pin jumper, the right position is 6b) is below the CPU, CON 7 is on the left from the LCD display.

AM power increase to 4 Watts
The power switch is CON 5 on the main board. CON 5 can be found about 5 cm from the front panel end of main board near J26. Cut the wire connection across CON 5 will increade AM power to 4 Watts.

RF output tuning:
Semifixed potentiometer RV 10 is used to adjust the power amplifier DC voltage. Caution: This voltage also supplies the audio amp and the lamps for the display and S-Meter illumination. Too much voltage may reduce the lifetime of lamps! New versions have a series resistor in the lamp supply wiring, which can be increased if necessary (R 287 on the component side of Front PCB, which is not yet mentioned in circuit diagram of ALL VERSIONS and CEPT version)
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Albrecht AE8000 - 400 kanala
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